Cowboys & Aliens Follow-up

I posted the other day about how I didn’t get the movie.  Well, after the first hour it did get better.  Still not a great movie but watchable once you get 51% through it.

Daniel Craig, in my opinion, is the best James Bond since Sean Connery.  This was not his best work.  Harrison ford will always be Indiana Jones to me and his role in this movie was more believable.

I’m definitely not expecting to see a sequel to this film.  Not sure what else they can do to fill another 2 hours.

Cowboys & Aliens?

I’m about 1-hour into this nearly 2-hour movie and I have yet to get hooked. How in the world can such stars like Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford get involved with something like this?

I’m committed now to watch the rest of the movie just to see how it ends.  Probably going to wish I got those 2-hours back…  I’ll let you know how it goes…