Technology in Use – The McRib Locator

It’s back for a limited time and you can track one down here.  I’m talking about the McRib from McDonalds and I learned late last week it has a cult-like following.  There’s even a website (McRib Locator) that tracks sightings and a Twitter account for live updates.

Given that McDonalds rotates the McRib on and off the menu at seemingly random times the fans of the ground pork patty smothered in BBQ sauce had to turn to technology to help communicate sightings.  For what it’s worth, the McRib is available year round in Germany.

While researching the McRib for this blog post (not a lot of researching mind you) it was interesting to note the sandwich debuted in 1981 marking its  30th anniversary this year.

As of today the McRib is starting to show up in the Indianapolis area so if you’re a fan or want to try it for the first time, you better act fast!






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  1. Alan Klein Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out! Happy to be of help to the McRib fans out there!

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