You gotta LOVE the WordPress community!

lightbulb_ideaI’ve been trying to figure out how to keep up with all of my Social Networking responsibilities (Blog, Podcast, Twitter, Facebook & Flickr). As I was driving tonight (in a BAD rain storm) I got to thinking how I could make the most impact with the least amount of effort…

Turns out a LOT of other people share the same interest as there are a myriad of plug-ins for WordPress designed to link all of the various Social Networking sites together. My goal: Post an update/picture/video to a single location and have that information populate the Blog, update Twitter & ultimately Facebook.

After a little bit of research and some php editing I think I finally have everything working the way I want it. Since I have a different audience with each application it’s important to have control of who gets updates and who doesn’t.  Normally, I usually want to broadcast to everyone.

My setup to broadcast to everyone:

  • Email (from PC/Blackberry) to a pre-defined email address
  • Postie for WordPress pickups the message and creates a post
  • Twitter Tools auto posts any new Blog entry
  • Facebook uses a Twitter application to post Tweets to my wall.

All in all it’s a pretty simple process that allows me to post to one group or many.  Now I just have to come up with content that people are interested in!

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