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Shapiro’s Pastrami

A picture says a thousand words.  

Things IT People Never Say…

I mostly agree with this…

When Your 15-Minutes of Fame Are Up…

You host the Halloween party at a Southern Indiana Casino!


From a Cell phone!

So I’m doing a little work after hours and away from home (too many distractions).  As I continue to test OS X Yosemite and iOS8 I decided to try using my iPhone 5s as a hot spot.

Screenshot 2014-07-28 19.21.51

Wow!  I though things were cruising right along but I had NO IDEA I was getting this kinds of speeds.  I normally use a dedicated Verizon Hot Spot but it kind of seems pointless if I can get this kind of Internet bandwidth from my cell phone.

This is better that I’m getting at home from U-Verse and paying $56 a month for…

Yes, I can hear you now Paul, loud and clear!


I Love Irony

2014-07-22 17.24.40

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