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Spending some time on my on this week I decided to start checking out all of my “wish list” items on Urban Spoon.  The Sinking Ship jumped out at me that Sunday morning and I decided to head down to Broad Ripple for lunch to check it out.

With a tagline claiming they’re “Putting the fun in functional alcoholic since 2011” how can you go wrong? To be honest, I’ve driven by this place for a while now & just never noticed it.  My first exposure to The Sinking Ship was an online petition to the Marion County Alcoholic Beverage Board:

The Sinking Ship needs your help! The liquor license of the bar is up for renewal and a local group (Meridian Kessler Neighbors Helping Neighbors) is trying to protest their license renewal. If the license goes, the business goes too. The Sinking Ship has had NO violations and is a great asset to the community!

Being well over 21 I immediately noticed several signs in the entrance advising patrons to stay out unless they have a valid ID.  When I ordered a beer (served in a mason jar) I was carded (been a long time since that’s happened).  In fact, they were carding everyone.  I guess it’s a good way to keep out of trouble if you make it a policy to card everyone.

There’s a lot of unique artwork on the walls and I’m going to spend more time checking them out on my next visit.  This is a smoking establishment so if that’s going to bother you be forewarned.

I was waited on by Chris who had a pair of the biggest ear gauges I’ve ever seen.  He was a really attentive and towards the end of my lunch he put on some really good tunes that kept me there for another beer. Overall the service here was really good and very friendly.

The Sinking Ship looks like a neat local bar to hang out at.  There were several people sitting around with their laptops chatting it up with the bartender and surfing the web (free WI-Fi is available).

The menu has some interesting items, such as Cajun Corn Fritters and Cajun Green Beans.  I chose the “Build Your Own Damn Burger” ($7.50) and selected mushrooms and swiss cheese.  The sandwich came with the normal setup of onion, tomato pickle and lettuce (bib lettuce!).  I choose Mac N’ Cheese for my side (at Chris’ suggestion) and it was awesome.  I could have made a meal out of the Mac N’ Cheese alone.

The burger was cooked well but could have used a little more seasoning.  The freshness of the produce was nice, especially the tomato and bib lettuce.  I was definitely pleased with the prices too.  2 beers and the food totaled $15, not bad for lunch in Broad Ripple!

If you’re looking for a nice place to hang out and you’re in the SoBro area, be sure to check out The Sinking Ship and enjoy the artwork!  I’m really digging the “Sid Vicious Clown” in the images below.




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