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Indianapolis has a lot of great places to get a hamburger and one of my Northside favorites is 96th St. Steakburger.  It’s been there for a few years and it seems to stay pretty busy.  On my last visit I ordered a double cheeseburger, fries and a drink ($6.99).

The burgers are thin like Steak & Shake so a double is a good way to go.  The standard toppings of lettuce, tomato and “special sauce” complete the burger.  You can “Styilze” your burger and get it Lettuce Style, Mustard Style or Monster Style.  I stuck with the classic this time around.

Lettuce Style replaces the bun with, you guessed it, lettuce.  Mustard Style has mustard grilled into the bun.  Monster Style has grilled onions and uses a Mustard Style bun.  I’ve had the mustard and monster styles and they’re a nice option if you want something different.  For $0.99 you can add a variety of toppings such as bacon and blue cheese.

The french fries are fresh-cut with the skin on.  They’re similar to Penn Station only thinner.  On this visit my fries were a little under cooked.  Not by a lot but they could have stayed in the fryer another minute.  Bottles of malt vinegar are available to add a little tang.  The fries do not come seasoned so a little salt helps too.

Service is usually fast and your order takes 4-5 minutes to get ready.  That’s plenty of time to fix your drink and grab some condiments.  Seating is a mixture of booths, free-standing tables and high-tops.  If you’re in the 96th & Keystone area and want a pretty decent burger give 96th St. Steakburger a try.

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  1. I tried 96th Street Steakburgers once several years ago. It was after they had just opened their shop. I thought it was “just OK” so I never went back. It sounds like I should give them another shot! 🙂

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