iPhone and Battery Life

This is part 2 of a series documenting my potential switch from a Blackberry 9930 to an iPhone 4s.  Part 1 can be found here.

After just a couple of days with the iPhone I’ve already noticed the battery life is nowhere near what I was getting with the Blackberry.  I know I’m playing around with it a lot but it’s also plugged into the laptop most of the time when I’m at my desk.

In the meantime I’ve ordered (and received) a case that has a built-in 21oo mAh battery.  The PhoneSuit Elite has enough juice to completely recharge a drained iPhone in approximately 2 hours.  It can also be used to keep the battery fully charged throughout the day.

The PhoneSuit adds a bit of bulk and weight (2.8 oz) to the phone (weighing 4.9 oz without the case) but that’s not a bad thing since I’ve come close to dropping the phone on more than one occasion (why is this damn thing so slippery?).  The case is easily removed should I need to slim things down and as an added plus it uses a micro USB cable for charging AND syncing.  That’s one less cable I need to keep track of in my gear bag.

I’ve had the PhoneSuit case for a few days now and I really like it.  I found lots of positive reviews online that made the decision to buy an easy one.  The case works as advertised and provides plenty of power to get me through the day leaving quite a bit of charge in reserve.  I could see getting 2 days of moderate usage without having to plug in for a recharge.

I also ordered a slim case for those times when I don’t need the extra battery capacity (or want the added weight).  If you’re looking for a phone case (or just about any accessory) don’t go retail, go eBay.  HUGE price difference and a lot of vendors offer free expedited shipping so you get your item in just a few days.  I ordered a case that retailed for $30 for only $2.99 on eBay.

I’m continuing to test the iPhone and upcoming posts will cover Applications, Siri, and Final Results of my testing.  Stay Tuned for more!

One thought on “iPhone and Battery Life”

  1. “I found lots of positive reviews online that made the decision to buy an easy one”.
    Agree, and I should have looked out for those too… I made the mistake of getting a Mophie at first, because the Phonesuit wasn’t available in white yet… So I just recently purchased the white Phonesuit from these guys: http://www.quantum-wireless.com/phonesuit-elite-battery-case-for-iphone-4-4s-ps-elite-ip4-white.html and you’re right, PhoneSuit is definitely the right and easy decision.
    “don’t go retail, go eBay”, btw this company also sells on eBay or Amazon, where the case may indeed be available for a little cheaper, but I’ve dealt with this company before and have always appreciated the extra service & nice sales people.

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