My Kindle – Part 1

The Amazon Kindle 2 is a second generation eBook reader that uses the latest in eInk technology.  With a built-in cellular modem, storage for 1500 books, and support for PDF, MP3 and Audible files this marvel of technology seems to have it all.

After numerous recommendations and a lot of research I finally broke down and ordered  my Kindle last Thursday night.  Because of the holiday season, I ended up getting 2-day shipping included in the $259 price!

While I won’t actually get my hands on the Kindle until tomorrow I thought I would share what I have learned so far.  Believe it or not, there’s more to the kindle experience than just the physical reading device!

The “back end” of the Kindle system relies on a cellular connection from AT&T (they used to use Sprint but ended the relationship earlier this year).   Dubbed “Whispernet” the EDGE/GSM wireless modem allows the Kindle to be used without a computer.  Books, and periodicals can be downloaded any time the modem has a signal.  Amazon claims a mere 60-seconds to download an averaged sized book.

Whispernet is also used to synchronize bookmarks, notes and overall progress of your reading.  Amazon has made a stand-alone application available for the PC and iPhone.  Mac and Blackberry support “coming soon”.  These stand alone applications allow you to pick up where you left off on the Kindle.  Read a few more pages on your PC or iPhone and your progress is synced to the Kindle the next time you access it.

The ability to preview books is another feature that I think I’ll be using a lot.  I already have several previews set to download once I get the Kindle tomorrow and activate it with Amazon.

[Part 2]

2 thoughts on “My Kindle – Part 1”

  1. Who pays the fee to AT&T for using their network? Is that covered in the price of the books you are downloading? Also, how is the price comparison for a new bestseller at B&N or another physical retailer vs. Amazon?

    I’ve see a ton of Kindles and Nooks on the Metro here in DC all of a sudden. I think a lot of people must have also broken down recently and gotten one. Either that or the delays have gotten so bad that a paper won’t get you through the whole ride anymore!

  2. Good question about the network fees. I assume its covered in the price of the device…

    Most titles are $9.99, even NYTimes Best Sellers. I’ll update with a Part 2 when I get home & have some time to play.

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