Personal Goal – 365+1 Posts in 2012

I’m not one for New Years resolutions (mainly because I forget I made them) but I’ve seen a lot of “projects” online that revolve around doing something (mostly photos) once a day for the entire year.

I’m going to challenge myself to publish 365 +1 (leap year this year) blog posts in 2012.  So far so good, it’s January 14th & this will be my 15th post of the year.  I got a little carried away on January 7 and posted 2 items in one day.

I commented on Facebook the other day I was running out of ideas, even though I had 27 draft posts in the queue…  Some of those 27 will get published but many will end up being deleted because they are no longer relevant or I can’t find enough to write about to make it worth posting.

Happy 2012 to all & I hope you have as much fun reading the 365 +1 posts as I’m going to have writing them.

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