Rushing Waters Fisheries – Smoked Trout Spread

We stopped at Whole Foods yesterday looking for my wife’s favorite Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce (San-J brand by the way) and took advantage of the many samples offered up.  One of which was a dare for my son who will pretty much eat anything.

We both sampled the Rushing Waters Fisheries Smoked Trout Spread and promptly threw a tub into the cart.  I’ve only had rainbow trout a few times & have always liked it.  This stuff hit the spot.  It’s a cream cheese/mayo based spread with little bits of smoked fish incorporated throughout.  It actually reminds me of a Smoked Cheddar Cheese Ball with a softer/smoother texture.

An 8oz tub sells for $6.99 and I’ll be surprised if it lasts through the labor day weekend.