The Chubby Trout – Elkhart, Indiana

I have a few clients in Northern Indiana so I’m up there every couple of weeks.  About a year ago while heading back to my hotel room I had a craving for Sushi.  Crossing my fingers I hit up Google Maps and found a place right down the road from where I would be bedding down for the night.

The Chubby Trout is located just east of State Road 19 on County Road 6 in Elkhart, Indiana.  They offer a very complete menu with everything from steaks to seafood to pasta and the specialty item I was looking for; Sushi…

I’ve been visiting this establishment for some time now & the place seems to be a hangout for a lot of regulars, as most of the patrons appear to know one another, especially at the bar.  Most of the four-tops throughout the restaurant area are filled with couples enjoying their evenings with friends.

Being a lone diner I usually grab a seat at the bar, with the other lone diners, and order up a cold one.  The Chubby Trout offers a great variety of micro-brew beers on tap and in bottles.  I usually go for the Blue Moon Belgian White Ale though as it complements a variety of dishes.  Another favorite is the Magic Hat #9 with a hint, of all things, peaches!

The staff at the Chubby Trout is always very attentive & I usually end up with a beer in my hand before I can even scan the menu.  Speaking of the menu, as I wrote above it’s got a really good variety of dishes & you’re sure to find something that hits the spot.

One of my favorite dishes is the Caper Crusader.  Two pieces of lightly breaded chicken topped with a very flavorful caper butter sauce.  Pair that with some rice pilaf and the vegetable of the day and you have a great meal sitting in front of you!

Another sure thing about The Chubby Trout is the Sushi.  Richie (a recent culinary school grad) is usually behind the counter making huge rolls as fast as he can.  On a busy night there can be a little wait for your order but it’s always worth it.

Prices at The Chubby Trout are very reasonable.  In fact two dinners and two beers is normally under $40 even with a tip.  If you’re in the Elkhart area & looking for a comfortable well run establishment with a great menu, you owe it to yourself to give The Chubby Trout a try!

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