Skip the Hollandaise…

…and replace it with Sausage Gravy!

You can do exactly that at Best Bet Breakfast & Lunch in Noblesville (no official website that I could find but they do have a Facebook page).

I woke up with the need for a substantial breakfast Saturday morning and all the local places in Fishers had their typical weekend wait so I took a chance and headed north a few miles to Best Bet on the southern end of Noblesville (near 146th and 37).

I’ve been here a few times before and the food has always been above average.  The decor is Vegas themed (as are the dish descriptions).  It’s a little to cutesy for me but when you get past that they serve a solid breakfast.

The staff is very friendly and you’re greeted by more than one as soon as you walk in the door.  Once you’re seated (I opted for the counter this trip) you get a basket with buttered toast and a red/greed coaster to indicate your desire, or lack there of, to get more of the unlimited side item that comes with every breakfast meal.

As I was looking over the menu the head cook said they had 10 kinds of Eggs Benedict on the weekends and her favorite substituted the typical hollandaise sauce for sausage gravy.  That was all I needed to hear and I placed my order then and there.

I enjoy sitting at the counter and watching my food being prepared.  This time was no exception as the head cook skillful poached my eggs in a small skillet filled with water (I need to try that trick).  As soon as the english muffin was toasted things came together rather quickly.

2 Toasted Muffin halfs
2 Sausage Patty’s
2 Poached Eggs
2 Ladles of Sausage Gravy
1 Cup of Breakfast Potatoes

Most (if not all) breakfast dishes at Best Bet come with a side of potatoes.  These are unlike most breakfast potatoes in the respect they are not fried, crispy or greasy.  These potatoes are steamed bakers that are then mashed up on the flat top,  seasoned, and browned just enough to give them good flavor.  I could eat these as a side to just about any dish.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sausage gravy had a good flavor and consistency.

Total damage with a cup of coffee came in at around $12 plus tip.

Little rant (not related to the meal)…  This place needs a website with their menu available online.  I’m seeing more and more businesses standing up a Facebook page and calling it a day (and Best Bet is no exception).  Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since Memorial Day 2014.  People are using their phones more and more to find places to eat and look at menus.  It’s been a deciding factor more than once with me.  If I can’t see your menu before I get there I’m probably going to go to the place that has one online.

Now that we have that out of the way I will say this was a solid meal and it held me over well into the afternoon before I was even thinking about eating again.  Feeling a little guilty after that breakfast I opted for some sushi for dinner and balanced things out (in my mind anyway).

If you’re looking for a quick meal on a weekend morning you should give this place a shot.

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