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2021 Week 8 – MORE SNOW!

Well the snow arrived last week and it actually matched the forecasters predictions! We ended up with about 9 inches in central Indiana and it brought the region to a halt for about 24-hours. This is one of the first big snowfalls we’ve had in several years. In fact this system was so big they got snow and sub-zero temps in TEXAS!

Clancy’s is BACK! – I grew up in Noblesville and we had at least one Clancy’s hamburger joints in town, I remember going there for a tasty burger every once in a while. That same family is back with a new location at the Garage Food Hall in the Bottleworks District downtown. I’ve eaten there a few times and it’s as good as I remember as a kid!

Classic Clancy “Topper” with their delicious crinkle cut fries.

Speaking of food (shocker I know) I’m planning on checking out a place called Indy Tacos this week. I see them mentioned all the time on the Indianapolis sub-reddit as a legit option when looking for delicious Mexican food. More to some next week!

Finally, it looks like Alton Brown is getting ready to release another season of his Good Eats reboot. Food Network practically taught me how to cook and Alton is one of my all time favorite cooking celebrities. I’m looking forward to the new season!

Skip the Hollandaise…

…and replace it with Sausage Gravy!

You can do exactly that at Best Bet Breakfast & Lunch in Noblesville (no official website that I could find but they do have a Facebook page).

I woke up with the need for a substantial breakfast Saturday morning and all the local places in Fishers had their typical weekend wait so I took a chance and headed north a few miles to Best Bet on the southern end of Noblesville (near 146th and 37).

I’ve been here a few times before and the food has always been above average.  The decor is Vegas themed (as are the dish descriptions).  It’s a little to cutesy for me but when you get past that they serve a solid breakfast.

The staff is very friendly and you’re greeted by more than one as soon as you walk in the door.  Once you’re seated (I opted for the counter this trip) you get a basket with buttered toast and a red/greed coaster to indicate your desire, or lack there of, to get more of the unlimited side item that comes with every breakfast meal.

As I was looking over the menu the head cook said they had 10 kinds of Eggs Benedict on the weekends and her favorite substituted the typical hollandaise sauce for sausage gravy.  That was all I needed to hear and I placed my order then and there.

I enjoy sitting at the counter and watching my food being prepared.  This time was no exception as the head cook skillful poached my eggs in a small skillet filled with water (I need to try that trick).  As soon as the english muffin was toasted things came together rather quickly.

2 Toasted Muffin halfs
2 Sausage Patty’s
2 Poached Eggs
2 Ladles of Sausage Gravy
1 Cup of Breakfast Potatoes

Most (if not all) breakfast dishes at Best Bet come with a side of potatoes.  These are unlike most breakfast potatoes in the respect they are not fried, crispy or greasy.  These potatoes are steamed bakers that are then mashed up on the flat top,  seasoned, and browned just enough to give them good flavor.  I could eat these as a side to just about any dish.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sausage gravy had a good flavor and consistency.

Total damage with a cup of coffee came in at around $12 plus tip.

Little rant (not related to the meal)…  This place needs a website with their menu available online.  I’m seeing more and more businesses standing up a Facebook page and calling it a day (and Best Bet is no exception).  Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since Memorial Day 2014.  People are using their phones more and more to find places to eat and look at menus.  It’s been a deciding factor more than once with me.  If I can’t see your menu before I get there I’m probably going to go to the place that has one online.

Now that we have that out of the way I will say this was a solid meal and it held me over well into the afternoon before I was even thinking about eating again.  Feeling a little guilty after that breakfast I opted for some sushi for dinner and balanced things out (in my mind anyway).

If you’re looking for a quick meal on a weekend morning you should give this place a shot.

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Uptown Cafe – Noblesville, IN

A “Greasy Spoon” that’s served downtown Noblesville for decades has been transformed into a gem of a diner, and just gained some loyal fans!

Having lived in Noblesville from age of 12 to 24, I’ve eaten at the Uptown Cafe on several occasions.  I always remembered it as a smokey little hole in the wall with OK coffee and so so service.  It’s changed hands few times but never really changed.  That’s until now…

The Uptown Cafe’s new owner purchased the place about two years ago.  She’s updated the interior to give it a more modern (contemporary) feel.  It’s still a small place that only seats about 30 p eople at a time, and when we visited on a Saturday morning we were fortunate to get a seat at the counter.

Before I talk about our experience I have to mention the disappointment I had with the CUSTOMERS!

<Soapbox ON> You walk into a SMALL diner on a SATURDAY morning in a BUSY downtown setting.  If the place is any good you’re most likely going to have to wait a few minutes to get seated.  It’s a beautiful May morning and there is ample seating for you and your uptight mother to wait outside.  I’m sorry that the 6-top in the back is not immediately available for you.  Had the owner known royalty was going to be visiting I’m sure she would have sterilized the area and roped it off for you the night before.  I appreciate we live in the Land of the Free, but do you REALLY have to stand right next to me and expel your displeasure all over MY breakfast?  How about you try Denny’s next time and take that crappy attitude with you… <Soapbox OFF>

Back to the Uptown… The weekend menu is limited but has enough variety to make just about everyone happy.  This is, after all, a diner and once you see the short order station you’ll understand the limited choice.  Speaking of Short Order, the cook they have is a lot of fun to watch.  We sat at the counter and were amazed at the speed and efficiency she displayed while working on no less than 6 orders at a time.

After getting settled and ordering a cup of coffee (GOOD coffee) I ordered the Uptown Biscuits and Gravy (with hash browns and an egg) and Zoe (my foodie daughter) ordered the Brown Sugar and Buttermilk Hotcakes (with chocolate chips) and THICK cut bacon.

One of the things I like about sitting at the counter of a small place is the ability to watch the preparation of your food and the movement of your ticket from printer, across the rack and onto the spike (or in this case the trash).

About 10 minutes after we placed our order it was out turn to enjoy the food.  Zoe’s pancakes were off the chart good.  I would do without the chocolate chips as they were flavorful enough on their own.  My Uptown Biscuits and Gravy came served in a bowl.  First time I’ve seen this and it works well!  Great scratch made biscuit with sausage cream gravy.  Exactly what I was wanting…

Total with tip was a little over $20, not bad for the portions and atmosphere.  We will be returning again SOON as I want to check out the other menu items I watched being prepared right in front of me.

The Uptown Cafe is located at 809 Conner St, Noblesville, IN 46060.  They also cater and offer a selection of sandwiches, boxed lunches & even breakfast items.  Details on their website.

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