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  • Porter Ranch Gas Leak Plugged

    Porter Ranch Gas Leak Plugged

    Follow up to a post from the end of December.  Looks like they finally were able to get the Methane leak contained.  No telling what the long-term environmental impact will be or what the 5,000+ displaced families are going to have to deal with. Nearly four months of environmental contamination and civic disruption in Porter Ranch came…

  • Huge Methane Leak You’ve Probably Don’t Know About

    Huge Methane Leak You’ve Probably Don’t Know About

    Big problems in Los Angeles after an underground containment system failed and started spewing Methane at an incredible 110,000 pounds an HOUR!  Even worse, containment efforts have failed and it’s estimated the leak won’t be stopped for months. More info here and here.

  • How to Ruin a $30 Batch of Ice Cream

    Nothing brings back the childhood memories more than making homemade ice cream. When I was growing up my Grandmother had one of those electric models that used ice and rock salt. The smell of the electric motor mixed with the super cold ice/salt mixture is so distinctive it can take me back to the breezeway…