Pilot Stuck in Bathroom Causes Mid-Air Panic

A Chatauqua Airlines flight from Asheville, NC, en route to LaGuardia, ran into a little predicament in Mid-November 2011 when the pilot leaves the cockpit to use the restroom & ends up getting stuck. A passenger who hears the pilot banging on the door attempts to help the pilot. The pilot gives the passenger the “password” for the First Officer to open the door (which he wisely refuses to do).

From what I can find fighter jets were alerted but did not take off to intercept the airplane. There was no sign of intervention by an Air Marshal either. Commercial airliners are not supposed to land the plane without at least two people in the cockpit but I’m sure if there was a fuel issue they would have declared an emergency and attempted to land the plane.

Like I tell my kids, you should have gone before we left!

Fox News – Oops, we thought it was a High Speed Chase!

Sitting in McDonald’s this afternoon watching Fox News… They broke into whatever they were covering to broadcast a car chase in California Miami. The local news copter was following a car that was all over the road & speeding like crazy in and out of traffic. The driver eventually pulled into a parking lot, put on a work shirt and walked into a building. They zoomed out and there were NO POLICE CARS! They were reporting this as a high speed chase & all they had was a guy driving like a lunatic to WORK! Funniest thing I have seen in a long time. It was the “Car Chase That Never Was”!!! Trying to find a video of it. Priceless.