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Dark Side of the Moon

Found this video on Reddit that shows the other side of the moon.  The side we don’t see looks a lot different!  This would make an awesome screen saver…

The full rotation of the Moon as seen by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:

Project Apollo – 8,400 Images from the Apollo Program

21750223320_00ee9c1335_kI’ve always been fascinated with the Space Race and the more I read about it the more I want to learn.  The fact we were able to send so many men into space (and bring them BACK) with what would now be considered primitive technology is amazing.

I ran across this link a while back & thought I’d share.  These are previously unreleased images (8,400 in all) of the Apollo Project uploaded to Flickr.

After reviewing the pictures if you get really ambitious you can try piloting a Online Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) Simulator yourself.  Good luck!



‘Supermoon’ Eclipse Videos

Sunday turned out to be overcast and as the day went on it looked like it wasn’t going to be any better for the Supermoon Eclipse that was supposed to start around 8pm.  Then around 7:30pm things started looking better and I decided to setup the GoPro on a tripod and see what I could do.

I’m still figuring out all the settings on this camera & as soon as I saw the results of the “NightLapse” I realized I had the camera set to medium vs narrow.  In all fairness the GoPro is designed for a much closer subject & if I had to do it all again I would have used the trusty Nikon D2x to shoot a series of stills and stitch them together afterwards.

Here are the results both cropped and right out of the camera.  I will say that the low-light performance of the GoPro is pretty impressive and I have a few ideas for some night shots in the near future.  The Moon is blown out for the first half.  I think I know what caused that.