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  • Goodbye Pocket, Hello Instapaper!

    Goodbye Pocket, Hello Instapaper!

    Always looking for interesting online content (and a place to capture it) I’ve been using the Pocket application since 2012.  I even upgraded to the Premium version for around $5 a month which gives you some nice auto-tagging, searching, and archive functions. I was actually preparing to return to the free version of Pocket because I…

  • Keeping the Web in Your Pocket

    Keeping the Web in Your Pocket

    As much as I read online you would think I’d already be using an online clipboard but the usefulness was lost on me until about three weeks ago.  Pocket (formerly Read-it-Later) is changing the way I collect and process online content. Adding a simple bookmark to your browser allows you to take the article you’re…

  • The Offline Social Network

    The Offline Social Network

    Something to think about before exposing your life on Facebook…