Indianapolis – Midland Arts & Antiques Market

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs & came across a reference to the Midland Arts & Antiques Market in a post about Ralston’s on Mass by Indianapolis Restaurant Scene.  By the way, IRS is the #1 Indy food blog on Urbanspoon (with good reason) & you should check it out!

I drive by the Midland building all the time & never realized what it was.  I was downtown at the annual company picnic with the boy on Saturday & we decided to check this place out on our way home.  First of all, this place is HUGE! The sign on the east side says it used to be an old window & door factory.  It’s also a little tricky to get to because of the one way streets.

Plan on spending a few hours to see everything.  I’m going back to shoot more pictures of the unique items being sold in the 150+ booths & display cases.  Here are some of the more unique things I saw while visiting.

Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Sling

I was walking around downtown Indy on St. Patrick’s Day looking for interesting things to photograph.  I had my new setup of the Nikon D2X and a 24-85mm zoom lens.  I also had my 50mm in the pocket of my cargo shorts in case I needed an indoor lens.  After about 2 hours of walking around the added weight of the D2X was becoming quite noticeable (using the factory strap).

I remembered Roberts Camera had a location just south of the circle and decided to pop in to see if they had any replacement straps in stock.  I’ve seen a lot of reviews lately about the Black Rapid line of camera straps and decided it was time to check one out.

$60 is a lot of money to pay for a camera strap but the unique design of the RS-7 and the increased comfort make it worth every penny.  Here’s a video from Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo) showing how the Black Rapid system works