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  • 2021 Week 46 – The Donut King

    2021 Week 46 – The Donut King

    Short post this week as I’m getting back into the swing of things after being off work for a few days. Hulu is now showing the rags to riches Documentary called “The Donut King.” The story of Ted Ngoy, also known fondly as “The Donut King,” is one of fairy tales- fate, love, survival, hard…

  • Sriracha the Movie!

    Sriracha the Movie!

    After news of a partial plant shutdown (due to upset neighbors) a 33-minute documentary is available on Vimeo ($5 to view).  The trailer below looks pretty interesting.  Might be just the thing to watch tonight and forget about these cold temps in Central Indiana! “Sriracha” documentary trailer from Griffin Hammond on Vimeo.

  • Sushi Rules & a Movie Too!

    Sushi Rules & a Movie Too!

    Bon Appetit online had a refresher article about the do’s and dont’s of eating Sushi (presumably at a real sushi bar and not likely something you would find in Indy).  If you’re a frequent sushi diner it’s not a bad idea to refresh yourself with some proper rules (in case your chef is actually paying…

  • Food Inc. = Worth Watching

    Watched Food Inc. last Friday night and although it had a lot of information already covered in other documentaries it was still a good movie.  If you are interested to see just how far the food industry has come in the past 100 years this is an eye-opening film. It’s sad how the food industry…