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Mobile Blogging – SO Close!

Since the beginning of this blog I’ve been looking for ways to use technology to write more. I don’t always have the laptop with me but my Blackberry never leaves my site.  What else do you need, right?  well, it’s not that easy…

The folks at WordPress have released the latest version of their mobile application and it seems to resolve some of the issues I was encountering when attempting to update the Blog when on the move.  While the Blackberry app is functional I’m finding the iPhone (iPod touch in my case) is a little more streamlined for quick blogging on the go.  I just can’t quite get used to the virtual keyboard on the IOS devices…

With either mobile platform the addition of graphics to the post is more difficult and, unless you remember all of the HTML tags, formatting can be a little tricky.  There are ways to publish via email, and that might be worth pursuing more.

In the end, nothing really beats sitting down with the laptop and being able to visualize the blogging process.  I find myself using the mobile devices to capture blog post ideas and subjects and finishing/publishing the post from the laptop.  Perhaps that’s where I need to concentrate my efforts…

Hey Bloggers, what tools are you using?  I’m especially interested in hearing from the local food bloggers.  Are you writing your reviews while mobile or using the computer when you return from your visit?


West Coast Tacos

People living on the east and west coasts have had the luxury of food trucks for years. In 2010 this concept, that’s all but unknown in the Midwest, came to Indianapolis. West Coast Tacos, managed by Arnold Park, John Ban & Trent Davis, has hit the city by storm.

The group uses Social Media to spread the word about their ever changing locations and menu items.  The Twitter/Facebook feeds also provide a platform for their growing fan base to sing their praises and communicate with the staff.

The West Coast Tacos truck can regularly be found in Broad Ripple catering to the late night crowd; sometimes staying open as late (or early) as 3am.  Other times they are roaming the city streets setting up at various locations for the lunch crowd.  I wonder how many customers they recognize from one shift to the other…

I was fortunate enough to have West Coast Tacos at my workplace for lunch a while ago & was very happy with their offerings.  In that case it was 3 soft tacos with their ever popular salsa.  My second visit was in Fishers shortly after the debut of the Fried Rice Burrito.  It was even better than expected!

West Coast Tacos definitely fills a niche in the Indy food scene and I hope to see more innovation like this in Central Indiana.  The possibilities are endless for would be entrepreneurs, from BBQ to Pizza to Chinese food.  The food truck has grown up and is bringing some fun and excitement to the area.  Welcome guys & best of luck!

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Dropbox – Sync data across multiple computers

Just watched a video at Dropbox that shows their new file sync service. I’ve been using Mocrosoft Groove for just about a year with very few issues.  This product seems to take the file sync process to the next level.  Anyone try it out yet?