Another New Look & An Update!

Still trying to find the perfect theme for the Blog.  It’s harder than you might think because of all of the “options” in the blogging software.  I might end up having to write my own!

Should have more posts this weekend as I have about 6 drafts to finish!  Lots of ideas popping into the noggin this week.

I changed the “rules” on the blog today.  You no longer have to register to post a comment.  All comments are still moderated though, just in case…

Catch-Up Post

Been a while since my last post so I thought I’d post some random thoughts & observations… was once a site for Indiana Scanner Frequencies (4-years ago). Interesting looking at the Blog Logs & seeing the referrals from outdated scanner lists. People are still ending up here when they look for Indy 500 frequencies… Sorry folks, not doing that anymore…

Land Shark Lager (Jimmy Buffet Beer) is, in my opinion, NOT worth the premium price!

Why is it when you order mulch the $30 per yard premium to have them spread it sounds rediculous & when you’re spreading it sounds like a bargin? is one of those web tools I wish I thought of… I just hope they don’t ruin it by implementing ads the wrong way… PLEASE offer a subscription model to those of us willing to pay for it!!!

Szechwan Mahi-Mahi @ Kona Jacks in Indy… Perfect light lunch!

Upcoming blog posts to include my review of a no-kneed bread recipe, my favorite kitchen knife & an ultra precision probe thermometer.

You Had Me at Hello…

OK, so the guys at work have found my blog… Welcome you bunch of misfits! This blog is one of those things if been wanting to do but never took the time to do it…

It’s been kind of slow going since I started a few months ago, but if I’m going to have an audience, I should probably start posting on a more regular basis.

I have a lot of interest ranging from food to photography to computers. This blog was originally going to be a journal of my activities, then I thought about focusing on food reviews… Screw it… It’s just going to be (as the sub-title suggests) random thoughts and observations about things as I see them.

Welcome to my little piece of cyber-space. I hope you enjoy your visit!

First Post!

Well after several years the IndyScan domain is alive again. Some of you might remember years ago this site was a huge source of radio scanner info.

I’ve since moved on (lots of other distractions were keeping me from the hobby) to bigger and better things. I still have a lot of the old scanner equipment (gathering dust at the moment) and hope to get it back on-line when my kids get a little older. I think it’s something they might enjoy.

Anyway, welcome to the few of you who will actually read this.