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Man Fights Back Episode 37 Now Available!

Another exciting episode from Studio H!

Small format change where we merged Indiana & National news.  Looking for your feedback on the overall content and flow of the podcast.  We’re doing this for FUN but we also want to make sure it’s ENJOYABLE for those of you listening to it!

Download Episode #37 here

Truth About Thanksgiving

Hey! Are YOU Listening?



Are you listening to the No Agenda Podcast?  If you’re not you SHOULD BE!

Adam Curry (from MTV fame) and John C. Dvorak (Tech Journalist) have developed an incredibility interesting alternative news show that is worth listening to.  If you are getting your “news” from mainstream sources you are not getting all of the news!

From the No Agenda site:

What started as a simple conversation between friends has now become one of the most intriguing alternative news sources on the Web. No Agenda began simply enough, in late 2007, as an unscripted, unrehearsed and unedited dialog between MEVIO President and Co-Founder Adam Curry, and MEVIO VP John C. Dvorak. Sometimes recorded over a meal, sometimes over the Net, their premise was to create a stripped-down show with “no sponsors, no jingles and no agenda.” Initially they talked about the news of the day, tech developments, and Silicon Valley scuttlebutt – and even included restaurant reviews, wine ratings and things that were going on in their personal lives. Although those subjects are certainly still on the table, the focus of the program has shifted more toward global politics and other topics from perspectives not usually found in so called “mainstream” media. In fact, Dvorak and Curry lambaste big media, drawing attention to its endless fascination with insignificant drivel (celebrity gossip, etc.) and its hesitance to cover important stories with any depth or insight.

“Crackpot” (Curry) and “Buzzkill” (Dvorak) focus on stories that you might not hear about otherwise, from sometimes opposing, but always complementary, points of view – with Curry playing the outlandish conspiracy theorist and Dvorak the hard-nosed pragmatist – though surprisingly they sometimes switch roles depending on the topic and their individual depth of knowledge on a particular subject.

To this day No Agenda remains unscripted and unfiltered. Wherever the discussion may go, you’ll be enlightened, informed, entertained, and perhaps sometimes incensed – but you’ll never listen to the news in quite the same way again.

Now after 117 episodes Adam & John are exposing the truth behind the US Government programs.  From Swine Flu to Economic Meltdowns, Crackpot & Buzzkill expose the truth behind the headlines.  Give it a listen and decide for yourself!

Live from the veranda at Studio V

Did the podcast outdoors today. It’s turning out to be a pretty nice day!


Goetta = Cincinnati Caviar?

newgoettapancakeseggsAs mentioned in Man Fights back episode #7 I had the pleasure of eating Goetta the other morning for breakfast. it’s not exactly something I would eat all the time but it could have been worse!

Man Fights Back Episode #8 is Now Available!

Check out the page & download the latest Podcast!

Man Fights Back Episode #6 is Now Available

Another episode recorded while on the road.  Lots of good music and discussion.  Check it out here!

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Man Fights Back Episode #4 is Now Available

One of us had to travel this week…  I called Ed via Windows Live Messenger (Skype was acting up) and did the show remotely.  Check it out at!

Man Fights Back Episode #3 is Now Available

Third time’s the charm?  This is the longest MFB yet & it’s full of news, humor & great music.  Check it out at!

Man Fights Back Episode #2 is Now Available

Our second attempt went a lot smoother than the first one.  Check it out & be sure to leave your feedback on the page!rc38zr

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