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America’s Dead Sea

Salton Sea in the Colorado Desert of Southern California is a former tourist destination that has turned into an environmental disaster. Born by accident 100 years ago when the Colorado River breached an irrigation canal, the lake soon became a popular resort. Yet with no outflow, and with agricultural runoff serving as its only inflow, the lake’s waters grew increasingly toxic. Though the resort towns were soon abandoned, the skeletons of these structures are still there; ghost towns encrusted in salt.

America’s Dead Sea from Jim Lo Scalzo on Vimeo.

Fearless Photographer Snaps Drag Car Crash

EMBED-Fearless Photographer Snaps Picture of a Lifetime – Watch more free videos

Stroller With Baby Falls Underneath Moving Train

Solar Tower – Use Convection to Generate Electricity

This is a pretty amazing way to generate electricity from convection.  Unfortunately this Solar Tower is huge (3281 feet)!  It would be really neat to see this concept on a smaller scale at a local science fair…