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  • 2022 Week 50 – Nazis in the USA?

    2022 Week 50 – Nazis in the USA?

    About the only thing good about Winter is it gives me more time to read. I happened to catch a Joe Rogan clip on YouTube about Operation Paperclip (OP) with author Annie Jacobsen who wrote a book under the same name. As a history buff, I’m really enjoying the book and the details of OP…

  • 2021 Week 16 – Hey Y’all!

    2021 Week 16 – Hey Y’all!

    Kickstarter has some interesting projects.  I’ve backed several over the years and have mostly been happy with the end products (a few were failures and never got enough funded to get off the ground).  A new one caught my eye a few months ago called Tidbyt.  Tidbyt is a retro display kind of along the…

  • Animals Attacking Drones

    Animals Attacking Drones

    Well that’s one way to ruin a perfectly good toy!…