Newt Gingrich’s real name is Newton Leroy McPherson

Yeah… Who’s erratic and unpredictable?  One of the funniest 5:28 I’ve seen on YouTube for a while.  Reverend Manning has a big problem with the current POTUS too (he refers to him as the “Long Legged Mac Daddy“.

CALM Act Approved by Congress

Here’s something I thought was already a law!  Congress has just passed the Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act and is senting it to POTUS for his signature.  Once signed into effect, the new legislation will require that all advertisers modulate their volume down so it’s no higher than that of the program you’re watching.  More information at Engadget.

Enter your zip and Obama will show you what to wear


Click the picture & enter your city!

Crazy Obama Products

Notoriously Conservative: Crazy Obama Products has a HUGE assortment of Obama “products”.  Some real, some fake.

I’m suprized they didn’t have this one, found it in a convenience store this past summer.


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