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Time-Lapse Magic (Repost)

10-04-2017 – Still one of my favorite time-lapse videos of all time.  I happened to find it again while cleaning up some old posts on the blog & thought I’d repost for those of you who might not have seen it the first time.

02-16-2012 – I’m experimenting with time-lapse Photography and it reminded me of this fantastic example.  This is a cross-country drive from LA to NY in an old convertible.  The imagery is mesmerizing and the music is very catchy.  If I can come up with something 1/10th as good as this I’ll be very happy.  Enjoy!

Olivier Gondry – Lacquer – Behind from GOOD EGG HQ on Vimeo.

Fishers to Edinburgh in 2 Minutes

GoPro Time Lapse – Driving for about an hour and compressing it into 2 minutes.

How To Make a 6-month Duration Pinhole Camera

Like I need another hobby…  Found one of these the other day while Geocaching and, thinking it was the cache, tried to open it.  I was unsuccessful opening it because I could feel the can crushing under the tape.  I posted my result on Geocaching.com and the owner of the camera (also a geocacher) explained to me what I found.  He did not realize a cache had been placed near his camera (5-feet away, what are the odds?).  I’ve seen pinhole cameras before but never imagined setting one up to record the sun crossing the sky for 6-months!

Although the images are not typical of what you expect to see from a camera I think they are really interesting.

Time Lapse – Clouds

My first real attempt at a short (250 image) time lapse video.

Nerdy Details:
Nikon D2x
1/1600 sec @ f8
30mm Focal Length