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Old Style Drill and Plug Anchor

Being a homeowner for the past 15+ years I’ve had my share of do-it-yourself projects and a never-ending “Honey-do” list to tackle every weekend. For the most part a house is pretty easy to take care of as long as you stay ahead of problems before they manifest themselves into something bigger.

Recently I discovered a new (to me) kind of wall anchor and wanted to let everyone know about it. It’s called a Zip-It wall anchor. I’ve always hated getting out the drill and trying to make sure made the correct sized hole for the anchor I wanted to use. I usually drilled the wrong size hole and ended up having to hammer the anchor into the wall, often damaging it in the process.

New Style Push and Screw Anchor

New Style Push and Screw Anchor

The Zip-It anchors don’t require a drill and their unique auger design provides a secure grip in the wall. All you need to do is push the sharpened tip into the wall and use a phillips head screw driver to screw the anchor into the wall. Zip-It’s come in nylon as well as metal and a variety of sizes.

I’ve used these for the past 6 months and there’s no way I’ll ever go back to the old drill and plug method. Zip-It fasteners can be found at just about any hardware store.

Leatherman Micra Revisit

I posted back in 2011 about my all time favorite Every day Carry (EDC) item the Leatherman Micra.  Well, I finally misplaced mine & thinking it would eventually show up I held off on buying a replacement.  After a little more than a month I had to break down and buy another one.

Amazing how you become so accustomed to having something with you at all times and really missing it when you don’t.  Ordered it from Amazon and had it in just a few days.  SO glad I replaced it.  I’m impressed that after over 15-years of these things being made the new one is EXACTLY like the old one.  That’s pretty unusual these days when it seems like there are differences in products even after only a few months.  Welcome back my old friend, I’ll be sure to keep a better eye on you then I did your sibling.


Easy Folder Creation in Windows With Smart Folders

Similar to the function you get on iOS (Apple) Smart Folders allows you to stack files on top of each other to automatically create a folder. Check out the video below for more info. This is a function that should be built into the next version of the Windows OS.

You can download the application at the bottom of this page.

The Leatherman Micra – Multi-Tool

I’ve been carrying a Leatherman Micra in my pocket for the last 8-10 years.  It’s one of those items I can’t leave the house without.  Each of the 10 tools on the Micra has a specific use and rarely do I need to dig out the full sized Leatherman from the gear bar.  The scissors are surprisingly strong and have a very smooth accurate cut.  At least with me they get the biggest workout.

1.5 inch Clip Point Knife
Extra-small Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Flat Phillips Head Screwdriver
Spring-action Scissors
Nail File/Cleaner
Bottle Opener

2.5 inches long when closed
1.6 inches blade length

1.75 ounces

List Price:

If you are looking for a small, well made multi-tool you really can’t go wrong with the Leatherman Micra.


  • • 420HC Clip Point Knife.
    • Extra-small Screwdriver.
    • Medium Screwdriver.
    • Flat Phillips Head Screwdriver.
    • Spring-action Scissors.
    • Nail File/Cleaner.
    • Bottle Opener.
    • Ruler.
    • Tweezers.
  • Measurements:
    • 2.5 inches long when closed.
    • 1.6 inches blade length.