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  • 2022 Week 11 – We Were Robbed

    2022 Week 11 – We Were Robbed

    It’s been nice being out of the house this week after isolating for a week with Covid. There are weekends when I don’t leave the house but an entire week was tough. On the plus side I was super productive working remotely and actually enjoyed working from the house this time as opposed to when…

  • XBox 360 – F1 2011

    XBox 360 – F1 2011

    I’ve been a “gamer” since my first computer (Apple IIc) back in the 80’s.  I’m not as hard core as a lot of people, mainly because I have a job that requires me to get a good nights sleep and focus on the tasks at hand. I posted earlier about the Microsoft Speed wheel for…

  • Xbox 360 – Wireless Speed Wheel

    Xbox 360 – Wireless Speed Wheel

    I had a bit of money burning a hole in my pocket so my son & I took a trip to GameStop.  I’ve wanted to buy the new Formula One racing game but I’ve never been very impressed with the Xbox 360 controller when it comes to driving games.  Then I found the Xbox 360…