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  • 2022 Week 11 – We Were Robbed

    2022 Week 11 – We Were Robbed

    It’s been nice being out of the house this week after isolating for a week with Covid. There are weekends when I don’t leave the house but an entire week was tough. On the plus side I was super productive working remotely and actually enjoyed working from the house this time as opposed to when…

  • 2021 Week 44 – Fall Back

    2021 Week 44 – Fall Back

    It’s about that time again where we set our clocks back to observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). The official date is Sunday, Nov. 7th at 2:00 am so you have a week to go! It doesn’t seem that long ago when Indiana didn’t participate in DST. In fact, we had our own “Timezone” called Indiana…

  • Daylight Saving Time Explained

    Daylight Saving Time Explained

    One of the best explanations to date: