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  • 2023 Week 16 – Lookout, Costco!

    2023 Week 16 – Lookout, Costco!

    Ahhh, Indiana. It was 80 degrees the other day & we had a Freeze warning last night. Hopefully, the freeze didn’t kill any of your freshly planted flowers. We haven’t planted yet, so that’s a good thing! I didn’t get around to drafting this week’s post over the weekend, so I’m knocking it out Monday…

  • 2022 Week 18 – Cincy Wine Region?

    2022 Week 18 – Cincy Wine Region?

    Shorter post this week as I have a lot going on these days. I’m planning a trip to Toronto in the next couple of months and the Canadian entry requirements seem to be a moving target. As of last week, Canada now requires you to get pre-approved with an app called ArriveCAN. Hopefully, nothing else…

  • Labatt Blue = YUM!

    Tried this stuff for the fist time at a local watering hole & I have to admit, it was pretty darn tasty!  Any of you throw caution to the wind & or something different than your usual?  Did you find a new favorite or a reason to stick with your regular brew?