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  • 2021 Week 34 – Keto Update

    2021 Week 34 – Keto Update

    I start my 3rd-week with the “Low Carb” diet this week, and I can honestly say it’s going very well. I’m getting a little tired of the limited food choices, but I found a few cookbooks over the weekend that should help mix things up a little. My original goal was to do this for…

  • No More Upload Errors!

    Finally the upload error has been fixed! If you like to MoBlog (mobile blog) you’ve probably run into the (mobile client) upload errors that have plagued recent versions of WordPress. The latest update finally fixes that and makes it easy to draft/publish blog entries when away from the computer. Virtual High-Five WP Dev Team!

  • Being a Webmaster

    Being a Webmaster

    If you’ve been a webmaster very long (I started in 1995) you learn quickly that links to external sites will eventually break.  Website-sites go down, domain names change, pages get stale (and eventually deleted), old pages become available via subscription only, and finally sites get abandoned As you build your site the number of links…

  • The WordPress Game Show – Jeopardy Style

    I’ve been using WordPress (WP) for a while now & thought I knew all of the ins and outs. After playing this game I’ve discovered I still have a lot to learn. I’m thinking about changing the look and feel of the Blog again.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a theme that I completely…

  • Mobile Blogging – SO Close!

    Since the beginning of this blog I’ve been looking for ways to use technology to write more. I don’t always have the laptop with me but my Blackberry never leaves my site.  What else do you need, right?  well, it’s not that easy… The folks at WordPress have released the latest version of their mobile…

  • WordPress 2.6 Is Out!

    Just got done upgrading to the latest version.  These guys/gals who work on this project are awesome.  Another flawless install with cool new features! https://videopress.com/v/mARhRBcT/fmt_std