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  • 2023 Week 39 – Say (Swiss) Cheese!

    2023 Week 39 – Say (Swiss) Cheese!

    What’s Going On:We’re getting ready for this year’s Leadership Exchange in Zurich, Switzerland. We had delegates start arriving on Saturday and planned a cruise on Lake Zurich while waiting for the final attendees to arrive (and to help people stay awake). We officially started things on Sunday with a Labor Market Overview and a deep…

  • 2023 Week 38 – International Travel

    2023 Week 38 – International Travel

    What’s Going On:I just flew into Zurich and, boy, are my arms tired! Sorry for the old joke but crossing the Atlantic is no joke! I’m visiting for work and part of the support staff for a Leadership Exchange trip bringing approximately 100 CEOs and elected officials to Zurich Switzerland to learn about the apprenticeship…