Wanna Buy a Watch?

flavaflav11I clicked on this ad on the New York Times front page & was taken to a really cool website for The Watch Avenue.  I’m in the market for a new watch but this place looks like it’s out of my price range…

I’ve had my eye on an Omega Seamaster (300M Quartz) for quite some time.  If 2009 goes as planned I hope to have one of these on my wrist by this time next year…

Across the Country, Restaurants Feel the Pinch – NYTimes.com

NYTimes.com had a great article about how the sinking economy is taking its toll on the restaurant industry.  I eat out a lot when I travel & cook as much as I can at home.  When we do go out as a family it’s usually somewhere nice (i.e. not fast/casual dining).

We took our daughter and a friend to Palomino in Indy last Sat for her 11th birthday (plus a lot of shopping afterwords, that’s another story).  The place was dead (4 other tables besides ours)!  I was really concerned that the slowness of the restaurant might have an adverse effect on the quality (I was getting ready to drop $150 on a nice lunch).  I’m happy to report the meal was great (as always), but how long can a place like this keep up the quality when business is all but non-existent?

Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner?

The New York Times had an interesting article about how men and women are percived and treated at various eating establishments. While I think it’s still common to seat women first & perhaps serve them first as well, some of the “old school” details were very odd…  Seating women along the wall so they can see the room?  never heard of that one!