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  • 2023 Week 26 – It’s Not Easy Being Green

    2023 Week 26 – It’s Not Easy Being Green

    What’s Going On:It’s the weekend before the 4th of July, and a couple of weeks ago (while I was on my road trip), the Leadership Team at my office decided to give everyone an extra day off (July 3), so it’s a much appreciated 4-day weekend for this guy. Unfortunately, the weather has been anything…

  • 2023 Week 8/9 – Sorry I’m Late

    2023 Week 8/9 – Sorry I’m Late

    I’m finally getting into a groove with the new job and the ability to work from home some days. I typically get up early on the weekends because they are my days to do what I want, and I want to make the most of it. In January, I started an early Sunday morning routine…

  • 2023 Week 7 – Lock-n-Load

    2023 Week 7 – Lock-n-Load

    Feb 27, 2023 – I just realized this post was still sitting in the Drafts folder! The last two posts have had a lot of food content in them so I’ll start this one with just one piece of food news. According to Eater, In-N-Out is expanding eastward and opening up an office outside of…

  • 2022 Week 6 – Snowmageddon

    2022 Week 6 – Snowmageddon

    We received our first big snowfall of the season last Thursday. Total accumulation in the Indy area was 6-8 inches. It was enough to shut the city down for the day. Although some people like it, I’m not a big fan of the snow shovel (or the sore back for days afterward). Luckily I found…


    Here’s the 26-page “Guide” (MIL-C-44072C) to making the perfect military Cookies & Brownies.  As typical with any government document it leaves nothing to chance and has more references to other documents than actual ingredients! On another note, THANK YOU to all of the military service personnel past & present.  It is your sacrifice that has…

  • Airplane Laser Hitting Truck!

    Airplane Laser Hitting Truck!

    This a laser hit from a moving aircraft at altitude. AMAZING! Full story here.