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  • 2022 Week 6 – Snowmageddon

    2022 Week 6 – Snowmageddon

    We received our first big snowfall of the season last Thursday. Total accumulation in the Indy area was 6-8 inches. It was enough to shut the city down for the day. Although some people like it, I’m not a big fan of the snow shovel (or the sore back for days afterward). Luckily I found…

  • 2022 Week 5 – Quiet and Comfortable

    2022 Week 5 – Quiet and Comfortable

    Our “dusting” of snow this past Friday turned into a few inches and seemed to catch a lot of people off guard. There were several accidents around town including a few interstate shutdowns. I’m happy that it was a short commute to the office and back so I missed all the excitement. I’ve been seeing…

  • 2021 Week 17 – Snow Day!

    We just had 2-3” of snow hit the Indianapolis region last Tuesday evening.  Snow, in Indy, in April, is not that uncommon.  In fact according to weather.com we have a 10-20% chance for snow in April.  The average date for the last snowfall is March 19 and the latest snowfall ever recorded was May 9, 1923 I…

  • 2021 Week 3 – Snow!

    2021 Week 3 – Snow!

    We’re 3-weeks in & it’s been an interesting start to the year. The political mess and COVID-19 continues to top the news. It’s been cold and cloudy in Indianapolis this past 2 weeks and we finally got some measurable snow! It’s either going to be another “mild” winter or we’re in for something big. Only…

  • It’s Snowing!

    And you know what that means…

  • Winter Wonderland?

    Winter Wonderland?

    Sure it looks pretty but this is one hell of a storm that’s blowing through the midwest tonight.  With wind chills expected around -40F tomorrow it’s going to be interesting to see how Central Indiana makes it through this one! Stay safe everyone!