Evaluating Food Safety on Cooking Shows

The Food Section has an interesting article on Food Safety on Cooking Shows.  I like to watch cooking shows on PBS and Food Network and often see the talent exhibit unsafe food handling practices.  I had no idea it was as prevalent as this article indicates…

“No go wash those chickeny hands!” -Alton Brown

Kudzu: Potential Energy Source?

If you’ve ever traveled in the southern part of the United States you’ve no doubt seen the effects of Kudzu. This non-native vine has been slowly invading the US and moving north.  When you drive hundreds of miles and see this plant covering everything, you have to wonder if there is a use for his stuff.  If it had any real value people would be doing what they can to make a profit!

Discovery News had an interesting article ragarding the use of Kudzu ad an alternative fuel source.  Seraches on the Internet also reveal the plant is actually edible (to some extent).  As Kudzu continues its spread in the US, it’s my hope that we find a long-term use for, or a way to erradicate, the effects of this plant.

Haircuts & T-Shirts

I went to the Sports Themed place near my office for a haircut. The dude did a good job but I was itching like crazy all the way home!

This got me wondering… Why didn’t the whole Flowbee thing take off? I mean it’s such a great idea for people who don’t want to have to run home and take a shower after a haircut… I would gladly pay extra for a barber who can not only cut my hair the way I want it but also make it so I don’t have to deal with a million little pieces of hair on my face/ears/neck!

I always like those logo tees. Here’s a site that has a ton of unique ones (think X-Mas Gift!) I wear a Medium (hint hint).